PF 2016 16

PF 2016

Thank you for your encouragement and trust in us to date and on behalf of our company, wishing you lots of personal and professional success ahead.   SATRA team     … více

Blanka Tunnel Complex blanka-20150129-3845var

Blanka Tunnel Complex

City Ring in Part Malovanka – Pelc-Tyrolka Description of the Contract The Blanka tunnel complex is divided into four separate constructions, the design preparation of which has always proceeded simultaneously and was therefore coordinated so that the entire complex of constructions were one functional whole. The route passes under urbanized environment on the boundaries of the historical … více

PF 2015 PF 2015

PF 2015

Thank you for your co-operation in the past year. For 2015 we wish you health and good luck as well as success in your personal life and work. SATRA team … více