About company

The SATRA spol. s r.o. offers comprehensive design, consulting, engineering and architectural services, from investment project to final inspection and evaluation of test operation of commercial, industrial and engineering buildings.
The aim of our work is quality work. This requires perfect technical equipment, theoretically savvy and capable professionals with a focus on specialization and the corresponding work environment. Finally, it is always our job to speak for us and our reputation. The work is always complex, from taking orders until after the entire construction project. Consistent monitoring of each detail and the effort to offer clients the highest quality and accurate service, it was, is and will be our specific style.
Our work helped create a world in which we live. We are users of our constructions and buildings, and therefore we care about every detail. We strive to find solutions that are environmentally friendly and which effectively serve their purpose. An integral part of our work is a research activity, and even internationally.
Every day, we fulfill the basic vision of our company: The contract is for us more than just a business case.

Ing. Ludvík Šajtar
executive & CEO