The SATRA spol. s.r.o. provides services in design, consulting and engineering services. Was founded in 1991 from the core of the sixth atelier of the Military Design Institute in Prague. From the beginning the emphasis was on underground structures, especially with high technology. In her more than twenty years of history, the Company SATRA orders for big domestic and foreign investors, primarily for government authorities and municipalities. Long-term clients are the most important City of Prague and Czech Ministry of Defence.

The company plays an important role in the preparation and construction of main road network in Prague. She was coordinator of construction and technological part of the gradual completion and commissioning of the Strahov automobile tunnel, then the designer mined parts of technological equipment and tunnel. Now the company is coordinator of project preparation and the designer of the City Circuit Malovanka – Pelc-Tyrolka, Blanka tunnel complex. Involved in the eastern part of City Circuit and Libeň connection road, Radlická radial road and other major highway construction, not only in the capital.

The spectrum of company references, over the past twenty years is much wider. Let us mention for example the Panasonic factory in Pilsen, the general reconstruction of the Czech Radio building, rebuilding of the General Staff building in Prague and the completion of the Prague City Archives. The portfolio of contracts will also find special buildings such as the Prague mined collectors, construction of the CNB’s backup center, a number of contracts for the Ministry of Defence, New Multifunctional Operational Center for Malovanka, or safety documentation of most road tunnels in the Czech Republic.