Activities in the Road Tunnels Safety Committee

The Directive 2004/54/EC, dated April 29, 2004, specifies the minimum safety requirements on tunnels of the Trans-European Road Network (TERN). Based on a mandatory contract with the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, the SATRA Company CEO, D. I. Ludvík Šajtar, is the Czech Republic representative in the Road Tunnels Safety Committee within the Committee for Power and Transportation of the European Commission.

Besides other, it includes

  • Czech Republic representation at the Committee sessions,
  • preparation of reports concerning the condition of the Directive implementation in the Czech Rule of Court,
  • elaboration of reports concerning situation in the Czech Republic for the EC committee,
  • preparation of reports on experience with the Directive implementation and on methodologies of vehicular tunnels risks assessment in individual Member States and advocacy of the Czech Republic interests in the Committee in compliance with the approved transportation concept in the ČR.