Completion of the Capital of Prague Archive

Description of the Contract

The construction allows concentration of the Capital of Prague Data Center, the Digitalization Center, the Digital Documents Archive and the MHMP Administration Archive in an ideal operational sequence to the existing building that has been completed structurally in the year 1997. It means construction of a new operational – deposit building, extension of the conference hall in the existing entrance and administration building and the energy-center reconstruction. The building is located at the south façade of the existing service building to which it connects by an interconnecting communication link on the level of all the floors. Regarding its mass, it is identical with the existing deposit building; one underground and six aboveground floors are realized in the first stage of the construction. The bearing elements of the building and of the foundation structures have been designed and realized so that they would allow the building extension to the final 12 aboveground floors in the future.


Prague 12

Activities realized

  • volume study
  • documentation for the construction land proceedings
  • documentation for the building proceedings
  • tender documentation
  • author supervision
  • realization documentation




The Capital of Prague