Dispersion of the fire smoke inside a road tunnel

Project title: Dispersion of the fire smoke inside a road tunnel
Project number: OC G3.40
COST title: Industrial ventilation
Main researcher: Ing. Ludvík Šajtar
Project leader: SATRA, spol. s r. o.
Researchers: Ing. Jiří Zápařka, Ing. Jan Pořízek, Ing. Petr Bednář
Period: 1999–2005
Date of project publication: August 2004


The project deals with computer modelling of fire ventilation in road tunnels using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) applied to the City Ring in Prague.

Euler-Langrange CFD model has been used. The geometry of the modelled tunnel corresponds to Myslbekova – Pelc-Tyrolka road tunnel, part of the City Ring in Prague, which is being designed.

The original intention was to complete the whole project in five years (1999–2003). However, due to obstacles caused by ecological and civil organisations, which hindered the construction of Mrazovka tunnel, the OC G3.40 project was extended to seven years (1999–2005).

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