Educational portal Tunelový komplex Blanka

Educational portal

International new portal, was launched in 2011 and offers four types of education: Technology tunnels (focus on construction, technology), Professional driver (focus on truck and bus traffic), Public (offer products and services for the driver) and the School (focus mainly on primary school pupils in dealing with unexpected situations, which could face a child with his parents when driving in a tunnel). These areas have a common goal – to inform and educate. Each segment is produced with a guarantee of professional society. The segments of the technology is in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic. The portal is also 3D map of tunnels in the Czech Republic, which are classified into different categories (highway, city, road, under construction, planned). It includes information cards tunnels and view webcams. SATRA is the guarantor company and partner technology section tunnels. All content is also available on social networks.