Multifunctional operational center Malovanka

Description of the Contract

The multifunctional operational center Malovanka will serve as an integrated center for traffic control and equipment of roads, highways and tunnels, situated in the area north of the Bělohorská street, between the Pyramida hotel and the Na Malovance street. It is located above the unfinished garages structure above the north exit from the Strahovský tunnel. The existing control center will be relocated there from the Na Bojišti street. It is a reinforced concrete monolithic columnar frame; from the layout and structural viewpoint, it is divided into two parts. Halls of the Technical management of roads and highways centrals, the MHMP crisis control center department and standard administrative an social areas are located in Part A. Part B will include an underground parking area and the Diesel generator technologies. The structure shell will be constructed as an aluminum glassed-in system with heat-insulated reinforced concrete structure. The building construction will allow integration of traffic control and of the roads, highways and tunnels equipment, increased smoothness and safety of all transportation types, integration of those sectors that participate in activities connected with traffic control at normal traffic and at emergencies and creation of the required space and supporting technologies for other constructions of Prague main highways or telematic transportation systems to be completed.


Prague 6

Activities realized

  • study
  • documentation for the construction land proceedings
  • documentation for the building proceedings
  • tender documentation
  • author supervision
  • engineering and mandatory activities
  • work of an Health Safety and Protection at Work coordinator at the construction preparation




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