Reduction of the north-south arterial road traffic

Description of the Contract

At the present time, the North-South arterial road is one of the busiest highways of the Capital of Prague, with all its negative and positive aspects of such a transportation structure which influence the City life. The situation is the more serious because the arterial road is routed crosswise the City center proper and it reaches the margin of the UNESCO protected Prague monument reserve. Within the past years, its section at the national Museum – however, not only here – has become one of the most problematic traffic locations in the very heart of Prague. In its entire length, the arterial road degrades significantly the urban surroundings, worsens its habitableness as well as the recreational potential of adjacent park areas and degrades the urban significance. The City life and the urban functions in its vicinity stagnate in fact. The studies target was to design such solutions that would be in compliance with the conditions of permanently sustainable Capital development, improve the environmental conditions not only in the inside area of the Urban Ring, allow new urbanistic incorporation of this highway into the City, remove the urbanistic an space barriers and allow rehabilitation of the non-urban areas and unsuitable solutions in the arterial road neighborhood.


Prague 1; Prague 2; Prague 3; Prague 4; Prague 7; Prague 8

Activities realized

  • studies of the national Museum surroundings reconstruction
  • studies of the Rumunská – Bolzanova section
  • study of the North south arterial road traffic reduction concept




The Capital of Prague