Risks in road tunnels according to EU Directive

Project title: Risks in road tunnels according to EU Directive
Submitter: State Fund for Transport Infrastructure
Projekt number: ISPROFOND 5006210025
Project leader: SATRA, spol. s r. o.
Main Researcher: Ing. Ludvík Šajtar
Co-Researchers: Klokners’ Institute CTU, ELTODO EG, a. s., KYBERTEC, spol. s r. o., Czech Road Society
Date: 12.2005


The Project should ensure fulfillment of requirements at creation and implementation of the European methodology for the Czech Republic road tunnels safety and risks assessment. The Project content and goals take into consideration the requirements of the European Parliament and Committee Directive 2004/54/ES, On minimum safety requirements on tunnels on main surface routes; it imposes several tasks on the operators and on the EU member states. In particular, the Project should allow fulfillment of the above obligations, ensure compliance of Czech standards and of the European methodology that is being created and preparation of suitable conditions for timely introduction of the European risks assessment methodology in the Czech Republic.