The Lajanuri Waterworks

Description of the Contract

The Lajanuri hydroelectric power station with three generators with the output of 113 megawatts was commissioned in the year 1960. It is locate east of Tsangeri in the west Georgia. This order subject was to elaborate a plan of its repair technical solution and reconstruction of the most damaged sections of the gravity supply line that supplies water from the Tskhenistkali river to the Lajanuri dam. The supply line tunnel is constructed as a reinforced concrete circular profi le; then it is circular, from steel tubbing with partial concreting of the walls. The design flow rate through the tunnel is 60 sq.m per second.



Activities realized

  • technical design draft
  • geologic survey supervision
  • geodetic survey
  • elaboration of the tunnel damage documentation
  • single-level design documentation
  • itemized budget
  • author supervision