The Royal Brewery Krušovice Královský pivovar Krušovice: dostavba areálu

The Royal Brewery Krušovice

Shortage of sheltered store and production premises in Krušovice Brewery called for elaboration of complex development study. The solution’s principle lies in widening the existing filling room with designing new store and new filling room. The study allows for the construction to be executed at once or in phases. The widening provokes adjustment of reinforced areas for transportation and manipulation, terrain adjustments and wide-range piping of a stream in inner premises. The study also contained architectural 3D computer animation; the project has been handed over in paper version as well as in an electronic form. The next stage of project documentation also contained audio-visual presentation of the premises´ completion.


Krušovice, Central Region

Activities realized

  • study
  • audiovisual presentation
  • architectural, constructional and statics solutions
  • transport solution
  • stream piping
  • evaluation and design of greenery
  • additional planimetry and alimetry measurements
  • documentation for the construction land proceedings




Královský pivovar Krušovice, a.s.

The Royal Brewery Krušovice   The Royal Brewery Krušovice

The Royal Brewery Krušovice   The Royal Brewery Krušovice