Track section Zábřeh na Moravě – Krasíkov

Optimalization of the railway corridor – supervision

Description of the Contract

Construction of three new tunnels with the total length of 966 m, reconstruction of seventeen existing tunnels and construction of six new bridges was also a part of optimization of the 2nd and 3rd railway corridor between Zábřeh na Moravě and Krasíkov. Rectification of the railroad track was necessary in order to allow the railway speed increase to 160 km/h. The order was financed within the ISPA program. The general technical and financial management of the construction proceeded in compliance with the EU regulations and with the FIDIC contractual conditions. The SATRA Company supervised the tunnel sections. The supervision goal was to make sure that the construction works are realized within the Design Documentation scope, within the time period specified, within the approved investment costs and in compliance with the technical parameters specified in the Contract.


Pardubice Region; Olomouc Region

Activities realized

  • quality control of the construction works and ensuring of their compliance with the relevant standards and regulations
  • inspection of the established real scope of works and of compliance with the establishing records/protocols of the Contractor
  • monitoring of the change proceedings status and of the asserted demands justification
  • inspection of the establishing records/protocols of the Contractor
  • participation in the completed works acceptance, in commission inquiries and in approval procedures
  • participation in technical – safety tests and in check tests




Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic