Biological evaluation of the Královská obora

Detailed survey of the Královská obora and Jabloňka nature monuments

Description of the Contract

Natural Monument Královská obora is one of the eighty-nine small protected areas in Prague. This is an area in the floodplain of the Vltava, south of the Císařský ostrov island, separated from it by a canal and adjacent slopes of Letná in the south, close to the Exhibition Centre. Since 1804, the Královská obora opened to the public and is used as a park. The current form of the Královská obora, a forested system, meadows and lakes, is from the last century, when a number of taxon were planted exotic trees and horticultural cultivars, which has made the significant arboretum. During construction of the City Ring, a decision of the Department of Environment ordered processing biological evaluation of natural monuments. In connection with this evaluation has been organized so far most detailed research in the fields of zoology, dendrology, hydrogeology, horticulture and botany, in which was found a very interesting range of plants and animals. At the same time also developed a detailed model of the behavior of the water table during excavation. During the survey found a very interesting range of plants and animals whose presence demonstrates the continuity of floodplain habitat from which the series also protected by the law on the protection of nature and landscape.


Prague 7; Prague-Troja

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