Horelica Tunnel

Supervision of the technological equipment

Description of the Contract

Horelica Tunnel is located in road i/11, future highway D3 (D18). The length of the driven part is 555 m, the total length, including the portals, is 605 m. Two-way one tube tunnel is part of Čadca city bypass. SATRA has taken care of engineering and consultancy activities for the technological equipment of the construction. SATRA cooperated in design of fire safety and the technological equipment applying latest PIARC rules, working group WG5.


Slovak Republic

Activities realized

  • active participation in completion and approval of working drawings of individual operational sets
  • coordination with the constructional part
  • checking production and work-rooms drawings
  • cooperation in completing the control and information system
  • cooperation in coordination activities
  • checking works on the site
  • checking supplies
  • checking expenditures
  • cooperation in complex tests and final inspection of the building
  • cooperation in putting into operation
  • verification documentation of the real execution of the building
  • elaboration of final acceptance protocols and supervisor’s reports




Slovak Roads Management