Innovation of evaluation methods of the engineering structures

The main goals of the project Innovation of evaluation methods of the existing engineering structures focused on the Prague region include elaboration, implementation of and making available the methodological principles of the existing structures reliability assessment, with focus on concrete and walled structures (e.g. panel and historical buildings).

The methodology investigated includes a part that is not covered in the European regulations being introduced – evaluation of the construction condition and of its residual lifetime, with the goal to optimize its renewal plan. The methodology includes specification of resistance models and of loading effects, using statistic methods, reliability evaluation by the partial coefficient method and analysis of economical and social risks. The general principles specified in the new standard ISO 13822, Evaluation of existing structures and in the up-till-now applied ČSN standards are being analyzed. Emphasis is put also on economical evaluation of securing the structures that are impacted by building activities (realization of surface structures).