Mrázovka Tunnel

City Ring in Part Radlická − Strahov Automobile Tunnel

The Mrázovka tunnels are a part of the City Ring in the territory of the fifth Prague district. They consist of two threeline tunnels which split in forks into two-line tunnels in the City Ring route and into single-line branches in the Radlická street. The tunnels driveage proceeded in complicated geologic conditions, in shallow depths under the Smíchov development. Within the driveage course, the so-called observation method has been applied in the Czech Republic for the first time, including a monitoring system, designed by the SATRA Company. Knowledge obtained from the Study of the tunnel structures operation safety, elaborated by our Company in the year 2003, has been implemented in the final design of the tunnel interior. The Mrázovka tunnels represent a high safety standard according to the all-European standard also owing to the above concept. The construction has resulted in significant improvement of the traffic and emission situation in the entire Smíchov territory.


  • Traffic construction of the year 2005
  • Outstanding concrete structure 2003-2004, certificate of merit
  • TAURUS, the first prize in the realization category
  • Zlatá Pečeť, the first prize in the specialized and technical literature category (the Mrázovka Tunnel publication)


Pragu 5 – Smíchov

Activities realized

  • documentation for the construction land proceedings
  • documentation for the building proceedings
  • realization documentation of the exploratory gallery
  • realization documentation of the driven tunnels
  • realization documentation of the whole construction technology
  • documentation of the surface built-up area securing
  • design documentation of monitoring at driveage
  • as-is documentation
  • operating documentation and operating regulations of the tunnel
  • documentation of measuring and monitoring at operation
  • author supervision
  • visualizations preparation




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Mrázovka Tunnel   Mrázovka Tunnel

Mrázovka Tunnel   Mrázovka Tunnel