Multifunctional operational center Malovanka

Description of the Contract The multifunctional operational center Malovanka will serve as an integrated center for traffic control and equipment of roads, highways and tunnels, situated in the area north of the Bělohorská street, between the Pyramida hotel and the Na Malovance street. It is located above the unfinished garages structure above the north exit from the Strahovský tunnel. The existing control ... více

Completion of the Capital of Prague Archive

Description of the Contract The construction allows concentration of the Capital of Prague Data Center, the Digitalization Center, the Digital Documents Archive and the MHMP Administration Archive in an ideal operational sequence to the existing building that has been completed structurally in the year 1997. It means construction of a new operational – deposit building, extension ... více

Reconstruction of the Ministry of Defense buildings

Description of the Contract Reconstruction of the Ministry of Defense buildings on the Vítězné square in Dejvice was split into three stages that include reconstruction of the Prague Army House building, the CZ Army General HQ and driveage of an interconnecting tunnel between the buildings under the Buzulucká street. The general reconstruction of the Prague Army ... více

The Royal Brewery Krušovice

The Royal Brewery Krušovice

Shortage of sheltered store and production premises in Krušovice Brewery called for elaboration of complex development study. The solution’s principle lies in widening the existing filling room with designing new store and new filling room. The study allows for the construction to be executed at once or in phases. The widening provokes adjustment of reinforced ... více

Backup site of the Czech National Bank

Description of the Contract The building serves as a full functional backup site CC CNB clearing center. This ensures the transfer of payments between banks in the Czech Republic. Each domestic bank has at CC CNB created its own account in CZK and sent through or received payments from other banks. Location Prague Activities realized realization documentation Year 2005 Investor Czech National Bank ... více