Cultural monuments

Czech Radio Headquarter

General Overhaul and Reconstruction – Technical Supervision Description of the Contract Technical supervision on behalf of the investor during the reconstruction of Czech Radio headquarter, listed structure, in Vinohradská Street. Location Prague 2 Activities realized completion of documentation for handing over of the site, handing over of the site to contractor organisation and management of periodical meetings on the site systematic actualisation of ... více

Charles University in Prague – Faculty of Science

Description of the Contract Total reconstruction of historical structures of the Charles University, Faculty of Science. Listed structures, Charles University in Prague 2, Albertov, Hlavova street. Part of them are specialised teaching premises, especially chemistry labs. Location Prague 2 Activities realized realization documentation Year 2004 Investor Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Training ... více

Hotel U Sixtů

Description of the Contract Reconstruction of historical buildings between Celetná, Želená and Kamzíkova streets in Old Town into a 5-star hotel Ritz−Carlton. Connection of communication and public utilities of several historical buildings in Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square) into one functional whole. Location Prague 1 Activities realized surveys coordination documentation for the construction land proceedings documentation for the building proceedings engineering and mandatory services building ... více

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Slovenia

Description of the Contract Reconstruction and annex of a villa from the 30’s of last century for the embassy of the Czech Republic in Slovenia. Respect was paid for local architectural traditions, architectural promotion of the structure of the period to representative residence of the Czech Republic. The contract has been accomplished in cooperation with PICEK ... více

Vratislavský Palace – Jilská 450/16

Description of the Contract Renovation of historic, heritage listed building in the Old Town in Prague for the French bank Crédit Lyonnais. Vratislavský palace is notable for his paintings on the first floor, which were once located above the main entrance to this small palace. Represent astronomical images Ptolemaic system planets. Centered circle, orbiting around the ... více