Industrial and production buildings

The Royal Brewery Krušovice

The Royal Brewery Krušovice

Shortage of sheltered store and production premises in Krušovice Brewery called for elaboration of complex development study. The solution’s principle lies in widening the existing filling room with designing new store and new filling room. The study allows for the construction to be executed at once or in phases. The widening provokes adjustment of reinforced ... více

Panasonic Production Plant

Matsushita Factory for Production of Panasonic TV Description of the Contract Construction of factory PANASONIC in Pzeň. First Japanese investment in the Czech Republic, first plant in „Borská pole“ zone; coordination of engineering services and the contruction of the plant. Three world’s records of Matsushita company: 13,5 months since the internal decision about the project implementation till the ... více

Power Plant Prunéřov II – desulphurization

Description of the Contract Power Prunéřov II is the youngest coal power plant in the Czech Republic. It has five 210MW units. These were gradually put into operation in the years 1981 to 1982. In 1996 desulphurization on the principle of wet limestone scrubber was put into operation. Company SATRA was the author of the project ... více