Blanka Tunnel Complex

Blanka Tunnel Complex

City Ring in Part Malovanka – Pelc-Tyrolka Description of the Contract The Blanka tunnel complex is divided into four separate constructions, the design preparation of which has always proceeded simultaneously and was therefore coordinated so that the entire complex of constructions were one functional whole. The route passes under urbanized environment on the boundaries of the historical ... více

Mrázovka Tunnel

City Ring in Part Radlická − Strahov Automobile Tunnel The Mrázovka tunnels are a part of the City Ring in the territory of the fifth Prague district. They consist of two threeline tunnels which split in forks into two-line tunnels in the City Ring route and into single-line branches in the Radlická street. The tunnels driveage ... více

Strahov Automobile Tunnel

City Ring in Part Plzeňská − Myslbekova Description of the Contract Strahov automobile tunnel is an important traffic connection which allows for short, fluent and quick connection between Smíchov and Břevnov. It is composed of two one-way tunnels 2 km long (1st construction) and by traffic connection by the northern (2nd construction) and southern portal (3rd construction). ... více