Transportation structures

Blanka Tunnel Complex

Blanka Tunnel Complex

City Ring in Part Malovanka – Pelc-Tyrolka Description of the Contract The Blanka tunnel complex is divided into four separate constructions, the design preparation of which has always proceeded simultaneously and was therefore coordinated so that the entire complex of constructions were one functional whole. The route passes under urbanized environment on the boundaries of the historical ... více

Reduction of the north-south arterial road traffic

Description of the Contract At the present time, the North-South arterial road is one of the busiest highways of the Capital of Prague, with all its negative and positive aspects of such a transportation structure which influence the City life. The situation is the more serious because the arterial road is routed crosswise the City center proper and it reaches the ... více

Intersection Běchovice (Dubeč)

Prague Highway Ring Road – Construction 511 Description of the Contract The design study of the transport solution intersection Běchovice (Dubeč) to examine alternative technical and transport solutions, particularly in relation to reducing its negative impacts on the surrounding area. The intersection Běchovice is part of the Prague Highway Ring Road, construction 511. After commissioning will allow ... více

Bike trail and bridge over the canal and the river Vltava

The new wastewater treatment plant in Prague Description of the Contract Project documentation is design of bicycle paths as part of the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant in Prague 6 at Císařský ostrov island. Cycle path has a length of about 2.5 km and also includes a bridge structure that connects the island with the ... více

Track section Zábřeh na Moravě – Krasíkov

Optimalization of the railway corridor – supervision Description of the Contract Construction of three new tunnels with the total length of 966 m, reconstruction of seventeen existing tunnels and construction of six new bridges was also a part of optimization of the 2nd and 3rd railway corridor between Zábřeh na Moravě and Krasíkov. Rectification of the railroad ... více