Galleries and collectors

Extension of the A2 sanitary sewer

Description of the Contract Construction of the sanitary sewer between the Do Koutů street in Modřany and the pump station in the Cholupice village. Considering the terrain segmentation, it is necessary to use for the designed connection of the Cholupice development drifted sections on gravitational pipelines to overcome the relevant terrain peaks. It concerns a sewer network of gravitational sanitary sewers in ... více

The Lajanuri Waterworks

Description of the Contract The Lajanuri hydroelectric power station with three generators with the output of 113 megawatts was commissioned in the year 1960. It is locate east of Tsangeri in the west Georgia. This order subject was to elaborate a plan of its repair technical solution and reconstruction of the most damaged sections of the ... více

Reconstruction of the Ministry of Defense buildings

Description of the Contract Reconstruction of the Ministry of Defense buildings on the Vítězné square in Dejvice was split into three stages that include reconstruction of the Prague Army House building, the CZ Army General HQ and driveage of an interconnecting tunnel between the buildings under the Buzulucká street. The general reconstruction of the Prague Army ... více

Exploratory gallery of the Blanka Tunnel

City Ring in Part Špejchar – Pelc-Tyrolka Description of the Contract Detailed geotechnical survey has been done by driving an exploration gallery for future driven parts of the City Ring. The total length of the exploration gallery is 1949 m, profile of the face about 10 m², is part of the future face of the construction. Necessary ... více

Prague Collectors

Description of the Contract Construction of collectors for routing of pipe and cable buried services in the Prague center, in the section of Václavské square – Obecní dům. When routed in the collectors, the buried services are accessible for continuous inspections, repairs and maintenance. Potential defects are removed directly in the collectors, without roads disturbance, i.e. ... více