Road Tunnels Safety

Activities in the Road Tunnels Safety Committee

The Directive 2004/54/EC, dated April 29, 2004, specifies the minimum safety requirements on tunnels of the Trans-European Road Network (TERN). Based on a mandatory contract with the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, the SATRA Company CEO, D. I. Ludvík Šajtar, is the Czech Republic representative in the Road Tunnels Safety Committee within the Committee for Power and ... více

Study of the Urban Ring tunnel sections operation safety

Description of the Contract Risk analysis of six sections of the Urban Ring from Zlíchov to Pelc-Tyrolka with the total length of 12,3 km. The goal of the study elaboration was a professional estimate of accidents number with classification according to individual sections and according to the accident type; next, proving of individual sections connection and ... více