Engineering and mandatory activities

SATRA provides complex services in the area of engineering and mandatory activities. Owing to its attorneys’ experience, it ensures property rights settlements, including expropriating proceedings for the purposes of transportation structures constructing.

Complex services for promoters include:

  • the requirements and ideas consulting with the promoter;
  • order analyses, reconnaissance of the building site, specification of input data and surveys. Checking the building site and its neighborhood status and conditions;
  • participation in the building site selection, explanation of technical principles an conditions for design and engineering preparation of the construction;
  • approval of the targets with the promoter;
  • ensuring of the required data from geodetic survey;
  • from technical, historical and geological researches, data for documentation of the construction impact on the environment, structural – technical analyses of structures, etc.;
  • economic analyses of the order;
  • organization and management of the design and engineering preparation of the construction, including appointment of professionally skilled and technically efficient team of experts;
  • public law negotiation of the documentation and obtaining of the required permits for the construction;
  • organization and preparation of tenders (public contracts) for the construction contractor, including contractual relations;
  • the promoter´s representation in all activities related to the construction preparation and realization, including realization of the construction technical supervision;
  • ensuring of takeovers, acceptances and approval processes.

Engineering services include the following activities:

  • coordination of processes of evaluating the impacts on the environment EIA;
  • consulting the documentation for the construction land proceedings (DÚR) with the relevant authorities, organizations and other participants, for the purpose of a planning decision issuing;
  • preparation of a design for the land proceedings initiation and ensuring of the planning decision (decision regarding the construction location);
  • consultations of documentation for the building proceedings (DSP) with the relevant authorities, organizations and other participants, for the purpose of a building permit issuing;
  • preparation of a plan for the building proceedings initiation and ensuring of building permits issuing;
  • organizational ensuring of cooperation at a tender for the Construction contractor;
  • cooperation at the Construction specifi cation for the Contractor (or Contractors), i.e. preparation of contracts, etc.;
  • cooperation at coordination of works and deliveries by direct suppliers (the provider, according to this article of the Contract, does not realize the construction technical supervision activities);
  • organization of the approval procedure and ensuring of the approval decision issuing;
  • technical supervision realization;
  • construction supervision.

Reference orders

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