Main inspections of tunnel structures

Main inspections of tunnel structures include:

  • inspection of the structural – technical condition of all structures (tunnel tubes, interconnections, portal and surface parts, technologic structures, technical corridors, etc.)
  • inspection including performance of tests of emergency operation modes of the technologic part of the tunnel;
  • all the tunnel structure parts are inspected from the viewpoint of their structural – technical condition, functionality, operating reliability and operation safety

The tunnel inspection and testing is realized, in particular, during scheduled night shutdowns specifi ed by the tunnel administrator because of its cleaning and maintenance.

The main inspection documentation includes:

  • general assessment of the structural and technologic parts condition
  • description and photographic documentation of established defects or failures
  • checking of operation and registration sheets (inspections)
  • inspection records realization
  • evaluation of geotechnical monitoring for the past time period
  • draft of further procedure at troubleshooting and defects removal
  • recommendation for the next inspection
  • evaluation of the condition with regard to the preceding inspection
  • qualification of the tunnel general condition according to TP 154

The main inspections are realized in compliance with requirements of regulations in force.

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