Monitoring of structures and survey of structures

The so-called monitoring is not only an integral part of constructions realized by the mining method (e.g. driven tunnels), but now also of many other extensive constructions which influence their surroundings. The monitoring consists of measuring and monitoring the construction realized proper, and also of structures and their surroundings influenced by the construction and building activities. In particular, it concerns impacts caused by the terrain lowering, changed hydro geologic conditions, seismic effects from blasting works and building machinery, etc. In particular, deformations, inclinations, drop faults, deformations occurrence and development or also noise loading.

The monitoring must also include survey of passports of the monitored structures in order to determine their real condition before and after the construction realization. This is the only way how to prevent potential property right disputes. Survey of structure, in other words documenting of the as-is condition of a structure, is also used in other situations than in case of impacts caused by building works. It is also a part of the contractual relation concerning lease or sale of a structure, for the needs of reconstructions, etc.

Owing to our working team´s experience, we provide complex services in the area of monitoring and survey of structure of buildings. We ensure the entire process, from the solution draft, the measuring and monitoring deliveries proper, including the survey of structure compilation, to final evaluation of repair plans till completion of the whole construction. Also in this area our specialists apply their experience, obtained from active participation in research projects in the area of building structures or tunnel linings monitoring and evaluation.

Reference orders

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