PR support of designs and visualizations creation

When working on major construction projects, there exist many auxiliary activities required for support of trouble free course of the investor and design preparation, as well as of the construction proper. For example, it concerns the following:

  • visualization of constructions
  • information materials preparation
  • preparation and operation of information web portals
  • elaboration of presentation materials in printed and electronic forms
  • ensuring of information centers content
  • ensuring of photographic documentation

When ensuring projects support, we cooperate with a timetested creative team. Owing to this fact, we are able to ensure
high quality of all the activities. It can be proven by several awards obtained in domestic and international competitions.

Reference orders

Urban Ring, Mrázovka tunnel (Prague)
Reconstruction of the Ministry of Defense buildings (Prague)
Orders for the CR Ministry of Defense
The Královský pivovar Krušovice brewery (Central Region)
Urban Ring, tunnel complex Blanka (Prague)
Main inspections of tunnel structures (Prague)
The North-south arterial road traffic reduction (Prague)
Multifunctional operational center Malovanka (Prague)
The Urban Ring eastern part and the Libeňská connection (Prague)
Radlická arterial road (Prague)