Safety documentation

The safety documentation evaluates the tunnel safety level and specifies preventive and safety measures required for ensuring of the necessary safety levels of the tunnel users.

The safety documentation is compiled in the scope specified by the Government Decree No. 264/2009 Sb. and by the Edict of the European Parliament and Council 2004/54/ES, On minimum safety requirements on tunnels – TERN. It includes all the structural – technologic and operational – organizational information important for operation safety:

  • description of the construction planned and of its surroundings
  • basic information on the method of the tunnel management and control
  • available information on the existing or expected future traffic intensity
  • assessment and evaluation of the tunnel infrastructure safety level
  • danger identification – risks analyses methods
  • description and evaluation of emergencies risks, including emergencies concerning dangerous cargoes
  • recommended measures for tunnel infrastructures modification
  • recommended organizational measures
  • method and procedure of emergencies solution
  • safety expertise
  • system of emergencies evaluation
  • specification of regular safety inspections intervals
  • list of trainings realized
  • professional statements of authorized engineers from the area of fire safety of buildings and transportation structures in connection with general safety of the tunnel

Selected methods of risks analysis:

  • method of risks estimate/evaluation (risk matrix)
  • analysis of a relevant fire scenario in the tunnel – a model of smoke development in dependence on the burning vehicle position in the tunnel, a simplified model of the tunnel users evacuation; a draft of optional ventilation reconstruction in dependence on the fire scenarios evaluation.
  • quantitative risk analysis of dangerous cargo transportation through a tunnel, using SW QRAM, in the tunnel category according to ADR, analysis of the traffic diversion issue.
  • probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) – qualitative evaluation of the existing and planned equipment of the operated tunnel that allows comparison of individual designs variants from the viewpoint of safety level in relation to the investment and operating costs of individual variants

The safety documentation is a live controlled document that accompanies a vehicular tunnel in all stages of its construction lifetime stages. It is compiled within the designing stage and, subsequently, it is maintained and updated for the time of the structure operation.

Reference orders

Highway D8, tunnel Panenská (Ústí Region)
Highway D8, tunnel Libouchec (Ústí Region)
Highway D2, tunnel Sitina (Slovak Republic)
Highway D1, tunnel Klimkovice (Moravian-Silesian Region)
Urban Ring, tunnel Blanka (Prague)
Urban Ring, Strahovský vehicular tunnel (Prague)
Radlická arterial road, tunnel Radlice (Prague)