Study of the Urban Ring tunnel sections operation safety

Description of the Contract

Risk analysis of six sections of the Urban Ring from Zlíchov to Pelc-Tyrolka with the total length of 12,3 km. The goal of the study elaboration was a professional estimate of accidents number with classification according to individual sections and according to the accident type; next, proving of individual sections connection and of functionality of the entire west and north part of the Ring, evaluation of the route control system, of the safety measures planned and recommendation of the structural design and of technological equipment modifications, with regard to improving of the traffic efficiency and to safety upgrading. A Bayes causal network specifying the most important elements of the tunnel safety has been prepared for the risk analysis. The analysis resulted in specification of number of health injuries in one year/1 km of the tunnel section, i.e. a parameter the value of which can be compared with the internationally accepted risk level.



Activities realized

  • coordination of the study elaboration and consultation
  • assessment of the operational and fi re ventilation of the tunnels
  • assessment of the tunnel structures utilization for civil defense purposes




City of Prague